Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners


Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Painting isn’t my best talent, and it’s certainly not something I’d quit my day job to take up.  It is however one of the greatest stress relievers that I’ve ever come across. Something about spending hours with some paint, a canvas, and a bit of creativity just washes all negativity away.


The end of the school term is quickly approaching, family drama has been stirring, a falling out with a friend, and my body had been completely consumed by the kind of anxiety attack that makes you sick. So, I took a day to myself and decided to just paint it out.


It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was the perfect temperature to sit outside with my supplies. My hands weren’t freezing, but the paint didn’t dry faster than I could move. Everything was working for me and that was relaxing enough on its own.

Anxiety Relief

As a beginner myself and not wanting to worsen my anxiety, I chose something very simple. No face. No hands. No details. Some of my favourite shows are House, Grey’s Anatomy, and lately iZombie so I drew some inspiration from the idea of scrubs and a lab coat so get me started.


Hair colour, skin colour, and gender were the trickiest part, and honestly it just came down to who I am. So, she ended up with light skin and brown hair about the length I felt suited the canvas I was using. Again, drawing from myself, I used my own favourite colour as the background.


For the most part, I said something out loud that was bothering me with every brush stroke. I had originally wanted to add a few more things to the painting, but once I felt better I knew it was time to stop. After all, this was a feel-better exercise to calm my anxiety, not an award winning art journey.